You always wanted to know how Blockchain will influence the future of mobility? Join us for our first edition of the Mobility Hack Lisbon and find out yourself.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro, Lisbon

November 17th-18th






1º 10.000€ / 2º 3.000€ / 3º 2.000€



Blockchain is one of the technologies which could disrupt the way various industries work. Join our hackathon to explore, which role blockchain could play in the future of mobility. Be bold, be creative!

We have 3 challenges you can choose from:

Blockchain empowered vehicles
#AutonomousDriving #ImmutableData #InsurancesX

Vehicles are getting smarter and more autonomous, but any smart system needs reliable information to excel. Can Blockchain technology help building dependable data sources for autonomous cars and commercial vehicles, or verifying recorded traffic data for insurance purposes?

Blockchain empowered mobility infrastructure
##ChargingInfrastructure #Vehicle2X

The evolution of modern mobility includes infrastructure as much as vehicles. Can we leverage Blockchain technology to secure communication between vehicles and smart infrastructure? Will we be able to pay the charge for our electric vehicles with a service you built on DLT?

Blockchain empowered mobility services

Car sharing and ride hailing services are growing in popularity. How does Blockchain technology enable us to make transactions and entry even more secure? Will it even allow for competely new business models by eliminating the need for trust?


If you are an expert or beginner with interest in Blockchain and Mobility, don’t miss this opportunity to hack the challenges presented by the world-class digital experts in these areas.

Newbies, Core Devs, Hackers, Product Owners, Designers, Researchers & Talented Tech People are all welcome!


November 17th

9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:30 Keynote

10:00 Open Space Ideation

12:00 Start Hacking

13:00 Lunch

20:00 Dinner

November 18th

 6:00 Breakfast

10:00 End Hacking

10:30 Pitches

12:00 Networking Lunch

 14:00 Winners Announcement

15:00 End


Alexandre Vaz

Managing Director at Portugal

Erik Spitzer

CEO at Daimler Trucks & Busses Tech and Data Hub

Christian Guimarães

Principal Software Engineer at

Cornelius Ihle

Doctoral Research at Daimler AG

Nuno Madeira

Professor & Researcher

Andrei Martchouk

Managing Director of KI decentralized GmbH

Miguel Fontes

Director Executivo at STARTUP Lisboa

Miguel Pupo Correia

Professor & Researcher

Alexander Schönhals

Doctoral Researcher at Daimler AG

– FAQs –

Where does this hackathon place?

At the amazing and brand new facilities of Carpintarias de São Lázaro.

What is a Hackathon?

It’s a programming marathon aiming to solve a specific problem. During this time, participants will create digital solutions.

Do I need to pay any fee?

No, the participation is free! 

When will I know if my application was approved?

Latest November on 14th.

Can I apply if I don’t have a team or an idea?

YES! You’ll be integrated in a team in the first day. But we encourage you to join our Github Project for ideation and team creation in advance

Can we compete with an existing product?

No, you will be solving the challenges brought by us. Talk with the organization first, get their green light and just go for it!

Who owns the IP/Copyright/Product?

You! By default, each coder owns her lines of code. But we encourage you to publish your code in the open source community.

Which programming language?

Any! Just think about what would be the best option for the challenge you have in your hands.

What are the judging criteria?

This will be explained during the hackathon!

What should I bring?

Just your computer! We’ll provide you with enough coffee and food so you can survive through these days.

Do I need to stay on-site the whole night?

Definitely not. It is up to you and your team if you want to code through the night, take some powernaps in our chill area, or go home to grab some sleep.